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Direct Talent Pipelines

By introducing Direct Talent Pipeline we can save your company costs and increase your bottom line.

Who can benefit?

All organisations can benefit however we can definitely save you costs if:

  • You employ more than 10 people per year
  • You employ 4 or more people per job family per year

What is the solution?

Our approach to hiring high calibre talent is in the planning. By identifying those critical hires ahead of time Direct Talent can build sustainable talent pipelines giving you the confidence to grow your team ahead of business demand.

Each Direct Talent pipeline will be customised to ensure it delivers on quality and cost. Our specialist consultants engage the passive, semi-active and active candidate market place in full knowledge of your requirements. They can build a one off talent pool for projects or develop a sustainable pipeline for your on-going critical hires.

We work on-site or off-site and deliver a service under your guise as an extension to your recruitment team. If required we also offer interim support should your resourcing requirements peak throughout the year or if you are just getting started on building your own in-house recruitment team.

How can it be implemented?

The Direct Talent Pipeline can be implemented in a matter of weeks. It will require an initial workshop to scope requirements and we can then have an active talent pool typically up and running within two weeks. Once operational you pay a monthly service charge with no transactional costs to worry about. 

You will also receive a quarterly satisfaction report against agreed service levels.

What to do next?

For an initial consultation please contact us at

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